As Seen on the News

As Seen on the News:

Sunbreak Ranch Is the Answer to San Diego — and America’s — Homeless Crisis
by Bill Walton & George Mullen

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“We don’t claim to have the solution to homelessness, it is a human tragedy with a thousand and one origins. However, we do claim to have an approach that will end the widespread inhumane suffering taking place on our streets, canyons and parks. The answer is Sunbreak Ranch. It can be implemented today and replicated everywhere.”

Short-Term ‘Band-Aids’ Won’t End Homelessness,
But Our Plan Will

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“Never give up on a great idea, but steel yourself against the ever-present naysayers, undertakers and pessimists who will seek to torpedo it.”

An Appeal to Elon Musk to Help Fix America’s Homelessness Crisis

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