A Sunbreak is defined as “a breaking forth of the sun at sunrise; a new beginning.”

Sunbreak Ranch Homeless Triage Center
City of San Diego + County of San Diego
United States of America

Sunbreak Ranch is a “compassion-centered”,  non-partisan, non-political, all-volunteer effort
to save lives and save our cities.


“We have a moral obligation to help the homeless. But we are not obligated to cede our downtowns, our tourist attractions, and our residential neighborhoods to homeless encampments. And as a society, we also have a moral obligation to protect the general population from rampant infectious diseases.”

What is Sunbreak Ranch?

What Is Sunbreak Ranch?

Sunbreak Ranch is a new approach to the nationwide homeless crisis that offers real hope, not more of the futile same. 

Sunbreak Ranch is a central navigation center, designed to house people, identify their needs, and move them with care and proper treatment to more permanent housing or treatment centers. It is an emergency regional “triage center” where everyone in need will have a clean, healthy, safe, and secure place and bed.

Sunbreak is a voluntary facility. 

Individuals can reside in a series of designated and protected areas for families, single mothers, seniors, veterans, those with dogs, and so on.

There will be clean toilets, showers, dining halls, medical tents, storage facilities, onsite homeless service providers, mental health counselors, substance abuse specialists and vocational trainers.  

Sunbreak will have private security and a permanent 24/7 police station onsite to maintain a safe and secure environment for residents. Away from the criminals, drug dealers, gang members and sex traffickers who relentlessly prey on the homeless on the streets,  homeless individuals will finally have a secure and safe place to get back on their feet.

According to Martin v. City of Boise (2018), the U.S. Constitution does not allow for prosecuting people for sleeping outdoors if there is no shelter available. With Sunbreak Ranch operational, and shelter available for every person in need, the court’s conditions will be met, thus enabling the return to rule of law regarding public loitering, camping, littering, defecating, urinating, drug use and criminal activity. 

A civilized society must have rule of law, period.

Once proven, Sunbreak can be rapidly replicated across America. The opportunity to save hundreds of thousands of lives, end widespread suffering, and clean up America’s cities, is within our reach.

As Seen on the News

As Seen on the News:

Bill Walton

Bill Walton, R.I.P.
“Center” for Sunbreak Ranch
1952 – 2024

Click on the video above to watch the #1 rated cable news show ‘The Five’ co-hosts discuss Sunbreak Ranch as the solution to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s failed homeless policies.

Click on the video above to watch a short clip from Dr. Ben Carson’s “Sunbreak Ranch: A Common Sense Solution to Homelessness in America” – 1:47

Click on the image to view Dr. Ben Carson’s “Sunbreak Ranch: A Common Sense Solution to Homelessness in America” on YouTube – 33:07

Dr. Ben Carson Endorses Sunbreak Ranch

U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 2017–2021
Neurosurgeon who performed first successful separation of conjoined twins
Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient 2008 (highest USA civilian award)

Click to read Dr. Carson’s endorsement letter

Homelessness Is an Emergency — Let’s ‘Parachute in’ Sunbreak Ranch at Brown Field
By George Mullen and Bill Walton

PDF version for emailing and printing

UT Editorial Attack on Sunbreak Ranch a ‘Slap in Face’ to Many Working to End Homelessness
By Casey Gwinn, Former San Diego City Attorney, 1996 – 2004

PDF version for emailing and printing

Sunbreak Ranch Is the Answer to San Diego — and America’s — Homeless Crisis
By George Mullen and Bill Walton

PDF version for emailing and printing



Watch Lawrence Jones report on San Diego’s homeless crisis and the Sunbreak Ranch proposal for ending it.

Watch Greg Gutfeld discuss Sunbreak Ranch in his #1 rated late-night “comedy” show, Gutfeld!

Watch Greg Gutfeld hail Sunbreak Ranch as “America’s homeless solution” on the #1 rated cable news show, The Five.

Watch The Five discuss NBA legend Bill Walton and the Sunbreak Ranch solution to homelessness.


Our Four Goals

  1. END THE HOMELESS HUMANITARIAN CRISIS THAT IS RAVAGING OUR STREETS, CANYONS, AND PUBLIC PARKS — Despite what elected officials say, this is an achievable goal via a combination approach of Sunbreak Ranch as our region’s central homeless triage location, coupled with the development of a Real Time Shelter Dashboard and a Real Time Employment Dashboard. This dual “compassion-centered” approach will help save thousands of lives of our fellow citizens, as well as save billions of taxpayer dollars.
  2. RETURN TO THE RULE OF LAW ON ALL OF OUR STREETS, CANYONS AND PUBLIC PARKS — AND ESTABLISH A FUTURE OF DIGNITY AND RESPECT FOR ALL — This is achievable once Sunbreak Ranch is operational, because “Sunbreak will establish a clean, healthy, safe, and secure place for everyone in need”. This is the key ingredient to enable our return to the Rule of Law and establish a future of dignity and respect for all.
  3. MAKE SAN DIEGO THE CLEANEST BIG CITY IN AMERICA — San Diego was once one of the cleanest big cities in America, but now is disgustingly filthy beyond recognition. With the Sunbreak Ranch homeless triage location operational, matched with our return to the Rule of Law, making San Diego the cleanest big city in America will become a reality.
  4. RETURN OUR STREETS, CANYONS, AND PUBLIC PARKS TO CLEAN, HEALTHY, SAFE, AND SECURE PLACES FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY — By achieving our first three goals, this one will quickly fall into place.


The Sunbreak Plan

Sunbreak Plan / Triage First

Sunbreak is designed to be the “compassion-centered” location solution for all homeless persons in need — a triage center that will help each individual get where best fits their needs:



Jobs Jobs Jobs

The best way to help people get back on their feet is by helping them find suitable jobs that will enable their return to independent living.  

Sunbreak Ranch will have a Real Time Shelter Dashboard on-site to help residents locate open beds and housing around the county.  Likewise, Sunbreak will have a Real Time Employment Dashboard on-site to help residents locate jobs and job training opportunities around the county.  The two Dashboards will have Sunbreak representatives on hand to assist residents in their searches. 

Employers throughout the county will be encouraged to offer jobs and job training opportunities for Sunbreak’s residents via our Real Time Employment Dashboard.

Sunbreak Endorsement Team

Sunbreak Endorsement Team

The following individuals and organizations have endorsed the concept of immediately implementing the Sunbreak Plan as the Comprehensive Homeless Solution for San Diego and the United States of America. We invite everyone to join us in endorsing Sunbreak – to do so please email us using the website contact form.


Proposed Site for Sunbreak Ranch

Proposed Site for Sunbreak Ranch

Sunbreak Ranch is not site-specific or location-dependent. We are open-minded to all site opportunities that meet the needs of our homeless brothers and sisters.

Miramar and Otay Mesa are our favored locations, both being about 15 minutes from downtown San Diego. In fact, these locations are closer to downtown San Diego than Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, and Del Mar. And thousands commute downtown daily from distances much further away.

Based on our “Federal Leadership, Local Control” approach to homelessness, the unused federal lands just east of Interstate 15 on the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar presents a unique and compelling opportunity.  This location is at the heart of San Diego County and easily accessible to everyone. From Interstate 15, exit Miramar Way, head east for about three seconds and park…then IMAGINE the possibilities in this beautiful setting:

Aerial View of Proposed Miramar Site

Miramar area

A short 15 minute drive from downtown San Diego.
Closer to downtown than Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, and Del Mar.

Miramar area

A short 15 minute drive from downtown San Diego.
Closer to downtown than Scripps Ranch, Mira Mesa, and Del Mar.


Sunbreak Ranch Amenities Benefits

Sunbreak Ranch Amenities + Benefits

Sunbreak is designed to be a large-scale temporary ranch in the layout of the Old California Ranchos – befitting California’s rich history and topography. It will be a creative, one-of-a-kind location featuring 35 plus amenities and benefits that strive to make the Ranch the best possible temporary home for our homeless brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors.


Take Back San Diego

Take Back San Diego

Take Back San Diego is a non-partisan, non-political grassroots coalition of native (and long-time) San Diegans who, in unison, are saying NO MORE to the homeless status quo of suffering.


How to Help

How You Can Help

We don’t want your money, we want your participation and action.